The Trump Administration is committed to creating a business climate in which minority business enterprises can thrive and expand. Minority-owned businesses are a bedrock of the American economy and will be a critical component in the country’s new period of economic revival. The Unified Framework, supported by President Trump, cuts taxes and lowers the cost of tax compliance to unleash the potential of all businesses. “We are going to protect small businesses owners and their families so they can continue to run their companies with dedication and with love.” – President Donald J. Trump


Optimism High for American Business Owners
According to newly released research, small businesses are currently experiencing the highest level of optimism in a decade. The Trump Administration is listening to the interests of American small businesses, and President Trump has already taken action to remove the regulatory burdens businesses face. President Trump’s Unified Framework for Tax Reform will help bring back the competitive edge for American businesses and industries, allowing American entrepreneurs to set themselves apart on the global stage.

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Honoring Achievements by Minority-Owned Enterprises
On Tuesday, President Trump and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross welcomed winners of the National Minority Enterprise Development Award to the White House. This award is given by the Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency to recipients who display outstanding entrepreneurial spirit.

The President congratulated the attendees, saying “The work you do and the products and services you bring into this world generate new prosperity across America. For that, we are in your debt.” Later, he added, “The award-winning business leaders here today represent the best of America and our determination to succeed and to grow.”

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Vice President Talks America’s Economic Future at AEI Forum
Vice President Mike Pence appeared as the keynote speaker at a forum hosted by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday morning.

Vice President Pence commended AEI’s historic dedication to preserving American liberty. “The truth is many of the best ideas at the heart of the President’s tax-cut plan can be traced back to this very institution,” the Vice President said. “The research advanced by your scholars has been extraordinary.”

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